Miracle of the Sea Natural Marine Extract Product Reviews - Don't Just Take Our Word For It - See What Customers Say About It

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81 YO Youthful Look Breathing Better

I look younger than my friends. I look younger than one of my kids. I've been using the capsules and the lotion. I can hustle up and down the stairs.  ~ Carolyn K.

Sun Damage Recovery

I don’t have any skin cancer any more. I've been using the capsules and the lotion. It really works  ~ Annie S.

Pre-Cancers Face, Lip, Nose Scalp Going Away

Miracle of the Sea has dramatically improved pre-cancers on my face, my lip, my nose, my scalp. It’s a remarkable product.  ~ Jim Kaplan, MD

66 YO Sun Damage

My skin is healthier, thicker, more vibrant looking.  ~ Debra

Bowen's Disease

I might have lost my nose, so I’m very, very grateful.  ~ James

Capsules Worked for Me

Since using Miracle of the Sea capsules and almond oil topical squamous cell pre-cancers are significantly reduced.  ~ Dallas P

75 YO, Smooth Skin Without Surgery or Botox

I'm younger looking, my skin is tighter. Best product I've ever used  ~ Barbara R.

50+ Fine Lines and Sun Damage Diminished

This product has helped me immensely.  ~ Christie G.

Scalp Pre-Cancers Gone

I always had tons of freezings on my scalp. Miracle of the Sea seems to work.  ~ Steve

Skin Cancer on Lip, Biopsy 1 Year Study Volunteer

I wanted to prove it scientifically, so I volunteered to be a biopsy donor. My right arm was the control arm.  ~ Dr. Mike C.

Results in Two Months

Best anti-aging product I've ever used.

I bruise easily. It resolves my bruising very quickly.

~ Caroline

60 YO Youthful Appearance

My friends say I look 20 years younger than I am.  ~ Laurie

45 YO, Vitality, Color, Smoothness of Skin

Miracle of the Sea has been a miracle for me.

~ DeWitt C.

70 YO Youthful Appearance

I’m 70 years old and I’ve been using Miracle of the Sea every other night for six months and now the best thing that’s happened - I don’t have to buy my own drinks anymore.  ~ Cinda

Actress, Melanoma in Family

I want to spend my time and my money on products that actually work - and this is a product that I plan on using for a very, very long time.  ~ Jill

Growths on Face Eliminated 99%

What’s happened to date is the number of growths on my face have literally been eliminated by probably 99%. It’s truly an amazing product.  ~ Neil

Skin Cancer Miracle

I really thought that I was doomed to years and years of skin cancers being burned and cut. Well it is a “miracle”  ~ Trudy

Irish Skin Miracle

Four months after starting Natural Marine Extract Capsules, I had my first dermatologist visit with no pre-cancers found..  ~ Dearbhla Kelly

Shirley's Skin Cancer Beat

I was fighting pre-cancers on my nose that would break out into bleeding. Miracle of the Sea works!  ~ Shirley

Shirley's Four Year Update

Still very happy with the improvements for thin skin on my hands and stronger skin overall  ~ Shirley


Pre-Cancers Face and Scalp 90% Gone

The name Miracle of the Sea isn't hyperbole. I think it's the real thing.  ~ David Y.

Removed Lines Around Eyes

The product has worked very well on my face and helped me around my eyes - I don’t have lines anymore  ~ Michael B.

Sun Damage on Lips Gone

Miracle of the Sea has dramatically improved my sun damaged skin.  ~ Lisa

Thin Skin Tearing

I had really thin skin on my arms. It was so bad that if I just tapped my arm like that it would bleed.  ~ Nicki

Pre-cancer Treatments Significantly Reduced

My pre-cancer treatments are down from once every three weeks to once every six months.  ~ Rick R.

Acne Scars Receding

I’ve seen my acne scars receding. The progress that I’ve made is remarkable.  ~ Vicki

70 YO Pre-Cancer Treatments Down

Pre-cancer dermatologist treatment frequency down and my face is looking good.  ~ Frank L.

59 years old, Melanoma in Family

My skin has a smoother texture, and a lot of the sun damage has been virtually erased.  ~ Karen

Sun Damage Reversed

Since I began using Miracle of the Seat my visits to the dermatologist have decreased dramatically.  ~ Bennett

Sunspots Disappearing

I’ve seen dramatic improvements in my face in particular and virtually the sunspots are gone.  ~ Carol

Additional Energy from Capsules

Both my mother and grandmother had skin cancer ~ Julie L.L.

Skin Cancer Gone, Youthful Look

Before Miracle of the Sea I was being treated for different kinds of minor skin cancers with a lot of freezings  ~ Val

Sunspots Disappearing

I’ve seen dramatic improvements in my face in particular and virtually the sunspots are gone.  ~ Carol

Are you really 90?

I get compliments all the time on my skin… they want to know “Are you kidding? Are you really 90?”  ~ Marianne

Marianne's Update with Natural Marine Extract Capsules

The Miracle of the Sea Dr. Lewis has created is a miracle  ~ Marianne

80 YO Customer Looks Younger

My hands don’t look like they’re 80 years old  ~ Wayne

Skin Stronger More Vibrant

I used to come into the dermatologist and get maybe 100 burns every month.  ~ Frank F.

55 YO, Rosacea 60% Gone in 8 Weeks

“I had rosacea over my cheeks and neck for 10-15 years and getting worse. I have been using Miracle of the Sea for eight weeks and over 60% is gone! I don’t light up like a red Christmas tree light when I go in the sun anymore!! I expect the rest will be gone soon.”  ~ Ronald T.

Acne Scars Clearing

Clearing my acne scars has changed my life. I go to school dances and sporting events when I never did before. I feel good about seeing people.  ~ Blanca G.

70+ YO Bruises on Hands, Forearms

I am an active 70+ year old who can't stand the bruises on the backs of my hands and forearms. These bruises appear without any trauma and make me look like I've been beaten!  My dermatologist suggested Miracle of the Sea Lotion.  I have been using it for five months and now almost never have bruising and my skin is thicker and much younger looking.  I now wear sleeveless blouses and feel so much better about myself!  ~ Bonnie McC.

6 YO Lip Divot Scar Improvement

I had a large cancer removed from my upper lip which left me with a shot-gun-wound-like scar. Everywhere I went I was asked about my scar. I hated it and stopped going to social events. A friend gave me a bottle of Miracle of the Sea and it changed my life! In four months my scar was almost invisible and by using all over my face, I looked twenty years younger.  ~ Paul M.

83 YO Looks Younger

I talked to my plastic surgeon about making me look younger. He gave me Miracle of the Sea Lotion as I contemplated potential surgical remedies. I felt tingling and saw pinkness immediately and within two months noticed my skin changing. My crepe, rough, scaly sun damaged skin got smoother and thicker. I have sent dozens of friends to my plastic surgeon because he is all about helping the patient, not just making big bucks doing surgery.  ~ Herb A.

53 YO Chest Crepe Skin Improvement

I am a 53 year old sun lover, living most of my life on Southern California beaches. My chest got the worst of the sun damage with blotches and deep wrinkles which looked more like fjords extending across my chest, merging between my breasts. As soon as I noticed tingling after two weeks of using MOTS, I noticed immediate improvement. Now five months later my road map over my chest is gone and I am again wearing low cut outfits!  ~ Mary R.

70 YO Looks Younger

My husband is a board member of Marine Biology & Environmental Technologies, a company which is changing the world. I liked their heartfelt culture and mission statement, so I thought I would help “the cause” by buying a bottle of Miracle of the Sea. It is THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE FOR MYSELF! I am over 70 years old but now look less than 50 and am constantly being asked about my beautiful skin!  ~ Nancy J.

65 YO Crepe Skin Eyes and Chest

I have always taken good care of my porcelain white skin. But starting at about 65 years old, crepey wrinkles and skin blotches were invading my face and chest. I started noticing ever deepening “road maps” especially over the center of my chest and around the outside of my eyes. Miracle of the Sea was the most expensive skin care product I have ever bought, but I quickly realized what a bargain it was. I look and feel 30 years younger!  ~ Barbara R.

47 YO Looks Younger

I am a 47 year old actor who has loved and is known for a gorgeous tan. I saw a recent photo of myself and could not believe it; I looked like my mother (24 years my elder). I had been using dozens of very expensive skin care products. They felt good but my skin continued to age. I overheard a group of actor friends talking about how Miracle of the Sea saved their careers. Three of them were being paid to use other products! Within two months of using MOTS, my skin started looking like my skin – not my mom's skin!  ~ Renata V.

Highest Valued Product I’ve Bought

My mom knows best. She has always said: “Buying inexpensive products, which don't work, are more costly in time, effort and money than buying a valued product that does work.” Miracle of the Sea is the highest valued product I have ever bought!  ~ Mimi W.

47 YO Stretch Marks

I developed stretch marks over my lower back and derriere when I was 12 - 13 years old and ever since have covered them with clothes or make up. I tried Glycolic Acid Peels, laser of many types and numerous creams including Retin A with no success. My stylist introduced me to Miracle of the Sea Lotion eight months ago and I noticed a difference in my stretch marks immediately. My stretch marks are now GONE  ~ Katie B.

73 YO Crepe Skin Improvement

I was crushed to see increasingly crepe skin on my upper arms, thighs and around my eyes. My daughter gave me Miracle of the Sea Oil. I didn't see much change until I was instructed to massage these areas very hard for 10 seconds with each application. Then, I started feeling the tingling which I was told was “good”. I have improved every week and now, after 3 ½ months, my skin is thicker, more elastic and tighter. I have not looked this good in 30 years! ~ Cynda L.

70 YO Scalp Rough Bumps Gone

I am a 70 year old environmental scientist who has spent my entire life outdoors. My scalp and forehead felt like the Rocky Mountains. My dermatologist was “liquid nitrogening” 30 or more of these rough bumps every three to five weeks without any noticeable improvement. After using Miracle of the Sea in Almond Oil for six months, I have the sexiest scalp in the world!  ~ Robert W.

Mohs Surgery Hole Healed

I am a prominent Beverly Hills lawyer who had Mohs surgery leaving a 2 by 3 ½ “ hole in the middle of my scalp almost down to the bone. It didn't heal for months until a friend introduced me to Miracle of the Sea Lotion. Within 2 ½ months it not only healed, but it lifted up to skin level. My entire forehead and scalp now look 20 years younger.  ~ Michael T.

23 YO Acne Scars Face and Back

I am a 28 year old ballet dancer who needed many layers of make up to fill my acne “holes” especially over my cheeks, chin and upper back. After two months of Miracle of the Sea Gel, I started noticing a dramatic improvement and after four months, I no longer need ANY make up at all!  ~ Christina Q.

96 YO Female Bed Sores Relief

Thank God for Dr. Eric who made my bedsores go away  ~ Valerie's Aunt Peggy