Lip Sores, Sun Damage, Radiation Burn, Divots & Cracking Lips

Importance of Lip Health

Most people don’t realize the importance of lip health. It is one of the most dangerous locations to develop sun damage and skin cancer.  They are also a common location for viral, fungal or bacterial infections, a bellwether for skin aging, and are the face’s “sponge” for inflammatory or traumatic facial injuries.

Sun Damaged Lips

Persistent dryness (xerosis) and cracking of the lips (especially the lower lip) is commonly caused by chronic sun damage (actinic cheilitis). Actinic cheilitis creates severe inflammation which leads to destruction of collagen, elastin and can kill fibrocytes that build and maintain the skin. Moisturizers and other lip products slow future injury but do not address this underlying damage, and therefore offer little or no rejuvenative benefit. Sun damage, pre cancers and cancers prevent the healing process and can pose significant danger. Actinic Keratoses on the lower lip can progress to squamous cell carcinoma. In fact, the lip area is one of the only places on the skin which that has a predisposition to metastasize into the body.

The Role of Sebum for Healthy Lips

Located throughout most of the skin, sebaceous glands produce sebum which is a complex mixture of lipids. The combination of triglycerides, fatty acids, cholesterol and wax esters produce an amazing cutaneous lubrication system that helps protect and nourish the skin. Unfortunately, the body of the lips have has no functional sebaceous glands. Because the lips have no sebaceous glands to lubricate, they will commonly be the first location to exhibit total body xerosis and aging.

Squalene, the natural sunscreen component of sebum, protects the skin against UVA and UVB. Thus, sebum is the ultimate anti-aging substance as it minimizes two of the major causes of skin deterioration: inflammation from micro-fissures and protecting against the ionizing effects of ultraviolet light.

Micro-Fissures Promote Lip Infections and Sores

The micro-fissures created by lip dryness cause a disruption of the skin barrier to allow different infections to penetrate. They predispose to cold sores (Herpes Simplex), warts (Human Papillary Virus), Perleche at the corner of the mouth (Candida albicans), and impetigo (many types of bacteria including Staphylococcus aureus or Strep).

The Role of Lip Structure

Because the interstitium of the lips is composed of very loose connective tissue, it allows preferential swelling of an inflammatory or traumatic injury (like severe dryness) when it occurs in the lower face.  The lips and the eyelid tissues function as the “sponges” of the face

Radiation Treatment for Suspected Lip Cancer

Because of the surgical difficulty and potential scarring of removing large skin cancers on the lip, many patients will opt for radiation therapy. Yet radiation is very damaging on the lips, creating basophilic degeneration which stimulates the production of cancer. The ionizing radiation of X-ray treatments damage the DNA of both cancer and normal cells.  These mutations kill cancer cells but also predisposes normal cells to change into skin cancers and injures the overlying skin, causing destruction of collagen and elastin (thinning and aging of skin).

Thus, prior to, during, and post radiation treatment, Miracle of the Sea Lip Health Balm with Natural Marine Extract will not only help minimize the damage but also promote the start of the repair process.

Treatments for Lip Cheilitis

Actinic cheilitis is defined as severe sun damage to the lips. It starts as divots which commonly progress to actinic keratosis (AK’s) and sometimes squamous cell carcinoma.  AK’s are most commonly treated with liquid nitrogen. The actinically-injured lips usually show Bowenoid characteristics which stimulate the continuous formation of new actinic keratoses.  This creates a “whack a mole” scenario, a nearly continuous production of AK’s - as many AK’s are treated, new ones are formed. Thus, in Dr. Lewis’ experience, Miracle of the Sea with Natural Marine Extract is superior to liquid nitrogen for the treatment of actinic cheilitis.

The most commonly used topical prescriptions are derivatives of 5-Flourouricil. Because of the mutation affect, Dr. Lewis feels this group of creams should never be used. Immuno-stimulative creams like Imiquimod can be used, but produce a tremendous inflammatory reaction.

Lip Health is Usually Under-Treated and Until Now There Have Been No Products to Help

Lip health is extremely important. It is usually substantially under-treated, and until now there have been no products that could help. There are numerous lip balms and sunscreens which coat and block UV damage but do nothing to improve the quality of the skin or treat cancer cells.

Miracle of the Sea Lip Health Balm with Natural Marine Extract is the Solution to Multiple Lip Issues

Miracle of the Sea Lip Health Balm with Natural Marine Extract is a revolutionary product that uniquely helps heal and maintain vulnerable lips from the destructive inflammation of xerosis and lip cheilitis. As can be seen in our references, the marine species utilized to create Natural Marine Extract have been shown to stimulate the immune system to kill cancer cells while also displaying rejuvenative properties.  As noted above, existing lip divots, dry, cracking lips, pre- and post-radiation treatment, and lip sores are other problems that can benefit from the use of Miracle of the Sea with Natural Marine Extract.

Miracle of the Sea Lip Health Balm is the solution to helping with a variety of problems affecting this very vulnerable area of the skin.


Lip Pre-Cancer and Divot

I’ve been using Miracle of the Sea for a few months now. It has dramatically improved a lot of my pre-cancers on my face, my lip, my nose, my scalp. Almost had to be cut out but now it’s going away. I had big divots on my lip and they are getting better.

~ James Caplan MD

Lip Cancer Treatments Greatly Reduced

I had a lot of skin damage on my hands, forearms, face, neck, lip and ears. What really caught my attention though were the lesions on my lower lip.It was explained to me that the squamous cells on the lip are the only ones on the surface of the body that can go directly into the bloodstream and kill you.

~ Mike Clinite, DDS

Lip Sun Damage Repairing

I was having to have my lips burned (for pre-cancers) and it hurt so much. Now I don’t have to have my lips burned at all. All that sun damage is repairing.

~ Lisa