Lip Sores, Sun Damage & Cracking Lips

Importance of Lip Health

Most people don’t realize the importance of lip health. It is one of the most dangerous locations to develop sun damage and skin cancer. It is also a common location for viral, fungal or bacterial infections, a bellwether for skin aging, and is the face’s “sponge” for inflammatory or traumatic facial injuries.

Sun Damaged Lips

Persistent dryness and cracking of the lips (especially the lower lip) is commonly caused by chronic sun damage. Moisturizers and other lip products do not address this underlying damage, and therefore there is little or no success with their use. Sun damage, pre cancers and cancers prevent the healing process and can pose significant danger. Actinic Keratoses on the lower lip can progress to squamous cell carcinoma, and the lips area is one of the only places on the body which has a predilection to metastasize into the body.

The Role of Sebum for Healthy Lips

Located throughout most of the skin, sebaceous glands produce sebum which is a complex mixture of lypids. The combination of triglycerides, fatty acids, cholesterol and wax esters produce an amazing cutaneous lubrication system that helps protect and nourish the skin. Unfortunately, the body of the lips have no functional sebaceous glands. Because the lips have no sebaceous glands to lubricate, they will commonly be the first location to exhibit total body dryness.

Squalene, the natural sunscreen component of sebum, protects the skin against UVA and UVB. Thus, sebum is the ultimate anti-aging substance as it minimizes two of the major causes of skin deterioration: inflammation from microfissures and protecting against the ionizing effects of ultraviolet light.

Micro-Fissures Promote Lip Infections and Sores

The micro fissures created by lip dryness cause a disruption of the skin barrier to allow different infections to penetrate. It predisposes to cold sores (Herpes Simplex), warts (Human Papillary Virus), perlesch at the corner of the mouth (Candida Albiscans), and impetigo (many types of bacteria including Staphlecaucus Aureus or Strep).

The Role of Lip Structure

Because the interstitium of the lips is very loose, it allows preferential swelling of an inflammatory or traumatic injury (like severe dryness) when it occurs in the lower face.

Miracle of the Sea Lip Health Balm with Natural Marine Extract

Thus, lip health is extremely important and is usually substantially under treated. Miracle of the Sea Lip Health Balm is a revolutionary product that uniquely helps heal and maintain vulnerable lips.