Systemic Cellular Rejuvenation with Miracle of the Sea Natural Marine Extract Capsules

If Ponce DeLeon found the “Fountain of Youth”, what would be in it? It would include all natural marine species such as Holothuria cinerascens (ashy sea cucumber), Spirulina pacifica (Hawaiian spirulina), Chalmys rubida (Pacific pink scallop), Strongylocentrotus franciscanus (giant red urchin), Holothuria mexicana (donkey dung sea cucumber), Haliotis fulgens (green abalone), Arthrospira platensis (spirulina), Stichopus chloronotus (greenfish sea cucumber), Stronylocentrotus purpuratus (purple urchin), Haliotus rufescens (red abalone), Holothuria scabra (sandfish, a sea cucumber), Ascophyllium nodosum (knotted wrack kelp), Macrocystis integrifolia (giant kelp), Microcystis aeruginosa (blue green algae)

These are the ingredients in Miracle of the Sea Natural Marine Extract Capsules.

Repair Damaged DNA & Stimulate DNA Expression

Miracle of the Sea Natural Marine Extract Capsules have been used for years with the anticipated benefits. These ingredients have been extensively studied and have shown mechanisms of action including 1) repair of damaged DNA and 2) stimulation of DNA expression. These are critical functions of cellular rejuvenation. Other ingredients support and/or stimulate the immune system showing significant anti cancer activity.

Stimulate the Immune System to Target Cancer Cells

Analysis of our marine extracts using UPLC-MS and LC-MS-MS showed many compounds which are known to support and/or stimulate the immune system including marine cathepsin D, ubiquitin, hemocyanin and beta-D-xylosidase.  The most important component of the immune system boost is directed towards cancer cell destruction.

Other compounds in our marine extracts which are known to repair damaged DNA and stimulate DNA expression (which are critical functions of cellular rejuvenation) include ubiquitin, calmodulin, nucleoplasmin, ferritin, actin-2, ependymin-related protein 1, pro-α2(I) collagen, pepsin A, mannuronate alginate lyase, pro-α1(I) collagen, and guluronate lyase.

These ocean compounds are indigenous to numerous areas around the world and have been consumed for millennia. But this is the first time in history that they have been combined into one product.

Our Marine Extracts Stimulate and Transform Stem Cells

The ingredients of our marine extracts stimulate stem cells, transforming them into new fibrocytes and new capillaries; lengthening telomeres to transform old, withered fibrocytes into young, productive fibrocytes. This rejuvenation process produces tremendous amounts of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information provided herein is intended for your general knowledge only and is not intended to be, nor is it, medical advice or a substitute for medical advice. If you have or suspect you have, a specific medical condition or disease, please consult your healthcare provider.



Video Reviews for Miracle of the Sea Natural Marine Extract Capsules

Written Reviews for Miracle of the Sea Capsules

I began using Miracle of the Sea lotion in 2014 following two skin cancer surgeries. The numerous liquid nitrogen treatments I needed to burn off pre-cancers declined significantly after using the lotion - except for my back which I couldn’t reach. I began taking the MOTS capsules in 2017. The pre-cancers on my back stopped appearing. Other benefits have included memory improvement. Even with no topical application, the capsules appear to still catch 95% of the pre-cancers now in 2019. And I look at least 10 years younger than my chronological 70.

Linda S.

I gave the Miracle of the Sea 400mg Capsules to my dog (one a day) and not only did my dog “come to life” but his tumors - which could be felt - completely vanished! I was told my dog had 1-2 months to live but he is still alive over a year later and doing well!

Melinda G.

I am an 80+ years old very active athlete who has developed over 50 skin cancers.  Starting about seven years ago I was given 1 ½ years of radiation treatment over both legs between the knees and the ankles.  Two years ago I started noticing my skin turning into a huge open wound with several rapidly growing cancers in the radiation areas.  The cancer surgeries would not heal and the surrounding skin started to die almost down to the bone. Several doctors agreed I was going to lose my legs.  My entire family was using both the Miracle of the Sea Lotion and Capsules and convinced me to do the same. I started taking four capsules a day and applied MOTS Lotion three times a day.  I started healing my skin and my wounds after five months. After eight months of use, I started playing competitive tennis and golf!

Dallas P.

My husband had several cancer surgeries and I wanted him to use Miracle of the Sea oil in the areas he had been struck before. He just couldn't get around to it. Finally, I got him Miracle of the Sea capsules, and he has no trouble taking a capsule a day. His dermatologist was so impressed with the results, he now carries Miracle of the Sea products at his office.

Heather F.