How to Treat Thin, Crepe Skin

There are few things which make a person feel older than to see and feel the thin, crepe skin of the inner arms, thighs or around the eyes.

Thin, Crepe Skin is a Sign of Aging and is Primarily Genetic

Although there are other contributing factors such as sun damage, skin dryness, skin irritation, rashy skin and all pollutants (consumed in food, breathed in the air [smoking] and contacted though the skin), most people - including dermatologists - feel this is an unsolvable problem.

Help Restore Thin, Crepey Skin with Natural Ingredients

Thin, crepe skin had been impossible to treat until the creation of Natural Marine Extract which is composed of all natural ingredients.

Studies Indicate that Skin Rejuvenation is Possible

As you can see from the results of the Natural Marine Extract 283 subject study, the speed of skin rejuvenation is inversely proportional to age. In the study, younger individuals responded more quickly, while older people responded more slowly - but all did respond. Thus, these ingredients have shown to be beneficial for thin, crepe skin.

Some Areas of the Skin Will Take Longer to Respond

Please note that cheeks, lower eyelids, and the chest are the quickest to respond, but still take two to six months. Inner arms and thighs are the toughest areas and the slowest, taking four to eighteen months. We advise that you don't buy Miracle of the Sea 2% specifically for crepe skin. Think of it as an added benefit.

As reported in in 2015:

MBET Natural Marine Extract is the active component found from the sea which rejuvenates by simulating the fibrocytes in your skin to produce more fibrocytes (new and existing) to produce more collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid – well known to be the secrets to youthful skin. This is the only active ingredient that we know of that stimulates fibrocytes to reproduce.



65 YO Crepe Skin Eyes and Chest

~ Barbara R.

I have always taken good care of my porcelain white skin. But starting at about 65 years old, I was losing the aging war fast. Crepey wrinkles and skin blotches were invading my face and chest. I started noticing ever deepening “road maps” especially over the center of my chest and around the outside of my eyes. My husband read about the revolutionary rejuvenating product called Miracle of the Sea. It was the most expensive skin care product I have ever bought, but I quickly realized what a bargain it was. I look and feel 30 years younger!

73 YO Crepe Skin Improvement

~ Cynda L.

I hate getting older! I am a 73 year old sun lover who has always looked amazing. I was crushed to see increasingly crepe skin on my upper arms, thighs and around my eyes. My daughter gave me Miracle of the Sea in Almond Oil. I didn't see much change until I was instructed to massage these areas very hard for 10 seconds with each application. Then, I started feeling the tingling which I was told was “good.” I have improved every week and now, after 3 ½ months, my skin is thicker, more elastic and tighter. I have not looked this good in 30 years!

53 YO Chest Crepe Skin Improvement

~ Mary R.

I am a 53 year old sun lover, living most of my life on Southern California beaches. My chest got the worst of the sun damage with blotches and deep wrinkles which looked more like fjords extending across my chest, merging between my breasts. As soon as I noticed tingling after two weeks of using MOTS, I noticed immediate improvement. Now five months later my road map over my chest is gone and I am again wearing low cut outfits!

83 YO Looks Younger

~ Herb A.

I talked to my plastic surgeon about making me look younger. He gave me Miracle of the Sea Lotion as I contemplated potential surgical remedies. I felt tingling and saw pinkness immediately and within two months noticed my skin changing. My crepe, rough, scaly sun damaged skin got smoother and thicker. I have sent dozens of friends to my plastic surgeon because he is all about helping the patient, not just making big bucks doing surgery.