The Ingredients in Natural Marine Extract Stimulate the Immune System

NME Ingredients Shown to Stimulate the Immune System

Never before have the ingredients in Natural Marine Extract (NME) compounds been combined with ingredients to create such powerful results. Individually all these compounds have been consumed for millennia.

The ingredients in NME™ have been extensively studied and have shown mechanisms of action including:

  1. Repair of damaged DNA
  2. Stimulation of DNA expression

These are critical functions of cellular rejuvenation. Other ingredients support and/or stimulate the immune system showing tremendous anti cancer activity.

Analysis of Natural Marine Extract using UPLC-MS and LC-MS-MS showed many compounds which are known to support and/or stimulate the immune system including cathepsin D, beta-D-xylosidae, ubiquitin, hemocyanin, and glyeraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase.

The most important component of the immune system boost is directed towards cancer cell destruction.

Other NME compounds which are known to repair damaged DNA and stimulate DNA expression (which are critical functions of cellular rejuvenation) include Ubiquitin, Calmodulin, Nucleoplasmin, ferritin, Actin 2, ependymin protein1, pro-alpha 2(l) collagen, pepsin A, Type IV collagen pro-tormer chains, mannuronate lyase, pro-alpha 1 (l) collagen, and guluronate lyase.

These ocean compounds are indigenous to numerous areas around the world and have been consumed for millennia. But this is the first time in history that they have been combined into Natural Marine Extract.

Miracle of the Sea Products All Contain Natural Marine Extract

Patented Natural Marine Extract contains ingredients which are derived totally from ocean crustaceans, shellfish and plants which have been shown to create rejuvenation and immune system stimulation.

Mechanism of Action of the NME Ingredients

A. Stimulation of stem cells transforming them into new fibrocytes and new capillaries; lengthening telomeres to transform old, withered fibrocytes into young, productive fibrocytes. This rejuvenation process produces tremendous amounts of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. The effect is stronger, healthier skin.
B. Stimulate immune system to kill pre-cancer and cancer cells and dissolving the basophilic degeneration intercellular layer which generates carcinogenesis.

Vehicles and Essential Oils Perform a Key Function

Vehicles are the substances in which the Natural Marine Extract and essential oils are delivered. These are very important in the delivery and absorption of NME into the skin. Vehicles also determine if a product “feels” good.

  • The aloe vera gel vehicle suits both dry and oily skin equally.
  • The almond oil vehicle is best for dry skin and adds a nice antioxidant.

Essential oils add more medicinal value. The lavender essential oil is a great antioxidant. Lemon essential oil adds to fading of sun spots. Peppermint oil helps vasodilation and improving the rejuvenation process.