Minimization and Care of Radiation Damage

Starting over 100 years ago, Marie Curie, winner of two Nobel prizes, initiated the world’s first studies into the treatment of neoplasms using radioactive isotopes. The medical field of Radiation Therapy grew to be the cornerstone of cancer treatment and is still a mainstay of oncology.

Skin Damage is a Common Side Effect of Radiation Treatments

The mechanism of action of radiation is DNA mutation of cancer cells. However, X-ray, or ionizing radiation from radiotherapy also damages DNA of normal cells and the interstitium between these cells called basophilic degeneration. There have been efforts and techniques to minimize the skin damage during radiation treatment for cancers, however, the skin changes in the form of thinning and aging of the skin, telangiectasias (spider veins), pre-cancers and cancers are never eliminated. The most common cancers treated with radiation are the skin, breast, prostate, lymphoma, lung, liver, mouth and throat.

How Does the Skin Become Damaged Due to Radiation Therapy?

Despite efforts to minimize skin damage, the overlying skin of radiation area is still negatively affected with:

  1. Decreased function and even death of fibrocytes.
  2. Markedly increasing basophilic degeneration of the upper dermis which stimulates cancer formation in epidermis.
  3. Thinning the entire dermis with loss of collagen (strength), elastin (elasticity) and hyaluronic acid (thickness).
  4. Suppression of skin immunity increasing the probability of infection or cancer.
  5. Loss of capillaries (adding to the deterioration and aging of the skin by decreasing nutrient delivery).
  6. Increased prominence of small venules and capillaries because of the atrophied skin.

Skin Exposed to Radiation Becomes Thin & Atrophic with Increased Chance of Cancer

Without Miracle of the Sea, the skin in and around the radiation area becomes thin and atrophic with numerous telangiectasias and discolored / blotchy with dark and light patches. This entire area then has a markedly increased chance of Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Basal Cell Carcinoma and Melanoma.

The ingredients of Natural Marine Extract reverse most of these catastrophic changes and, if used before radiation treatment, can fortify the skin before these changes happen.

Treating the Skin After Radiation is Essential to the Skin's Structure

There are few traumas generating more free (hydroxyl) radical formation and subsequent inflammation than those created by radiation. Radiation treatment further destroys the skin’s normal structure and physiology. Thus, Miracle of the Sea Natural Marine Extract in Aloe Vera Gel or Almond Oil should be used post treatment as well.


Text Testimonial for Natural Marine Extract and Radiation Damage

I am an 80+ years old very active athlete who has developed over 50 skin cancers.  Starting about seven years ago I was given 1 ½ years of radiation treatment over both legs between the knees and the ankles.  Two years ago I started noticing my skin turning into a huge open wound with several rapidly growing cancers in the radiation areas.  The cancer surgeries would not heal and the surrounding skin started to die almost down to the bone. Several doctors agreed I was going to lose my legs.  My entire family was using both the Miracle of the Sea Lotion and Capsules and convinced me to do the same. I started taking four capsules a day and applied MOTS Lotion three times a day.  I started healing my skin and my wounds after five months. After eight months of use, I started playing competitive tennis and golf!

Dallas Price