Bedsore (Pressure Injury) Prevention

Family Caregivers Can Prevent Bedsores at Home

Miracle Bandage Plus is appropriate for individuals who spend extended time in a wheelchair, bed or require prosthetic devices.

Miracle Bandage Plus – impregnated with Natural Marine Extract Time Release Crystals – can be used at home by family members and/or Home Care Agency staff to protect vulnerable pressure bearing areas and improve the health of the skin where it is applied.

Miracle Bandage Plus Peel and Place is easy to apply and maintain. One bandage lasts for approximately three weeks.

Helps Make Aging in Place a Possibility

By now, many Home Care Agencies (HCAs) have come to the conclusion that CMS was correct when they stated prevention begins at home - and often by a Home Care Aide.  CMS can only accomplish their future goal of “Aging In Place” by eliminating a decades-old concern: the blurred lines between what constitutes “medical” versus “non-medical” care performed by Home Care Aides.

Losing Clients to Hospitalizations for Preventable Conditions

All-Cause Hospitalizations are the number one concern for Home Care Agencies losing caseloads. This ever-present concern often robs them of the very clients they wish to serve.  No HCA should be losing clients to hospitalizations from conditions that may often have been preventable.

Miracle Bandage Plus for Bedsore Prevention is the Answer

MBET Health and Miracle of the Sea have responded by designing the first-ever non-medical bed sore prevention system that also helps provide nutritional support to the skin so it can rejuvenate on its own.  Imagine a non-medical solution preventing one of life's most painful events (bedsores) while allowing your aides to watch your clients’ skin actually improve at the same time !  This is truly the definition of “Aging In Place.”