Bedsore (Pressure Injury) Prevention

Neither a Medical Evaluation nor Treatment!

By now, many Home Care Agencies (HCAs) have come to the conclusion that CMS was correct when they stated prevention begins at home - and often by a Home Care Aide.  CMS can only accomplish their future goal of “Aging In Place” by eliminating a decades-old concern: the blurred lines between what constitutes “medical” versus “non-medical” care performed by Home Care Aides.

CMS Licensing Could Create HCA Opportunity

As we approach 2024, Medicare and Medicaid will likely begin requiring licensing for HCAs.  This will greatly expand services, resulting in many new services being deemed non-medical care (such as bedsore prevention).  Bedsore (also known as Pressure Injury) Prevention has already been acknowledged by CMS/Medicare as non-medical. Therefore, many Health Care Agencies are adopting a “first to market” strategy.

Losing Clients to Hospitalizations for Preventable Conditions

All-Cause Hospitalizations are the number one concern for Home Care Agencies losing caseloads. This ever-present concern often robs them of the very clients they wish to serve.  No HCA should be losing clients to hospitalizations from conditions that may often have been preventable.

Miracle Bandage Plus for Bedsore Prevention is the Answer

MBET Health and Miracle of the Sea have responded by designing the first-ever non-medical bed sore prevention system that also helps provide nutritional support to the skin so it can rejuvenate on its own.  Imagine a non-medical solution preventing one of life's most painful events (bedsores) while allowing your aides to watch your clients’ skin actually improve at the same time !  This is truly the definition of “Aging In Place.”

HomeCareCon Attendees August 1-2 Opportunity at Booth #617

MBET Health cordially invites you to visit our booth, #617, during the HCAF HomeCareCon conference in Orlando, Florida August 1-2. Our groundbreaking product will transform the landscape of bedsore prevention for non-medical Home Care.

Proactive wound prevention is of paramount importance in providing optimal client care. That's why we are proud to unveil our 21-day, stay-in-place Miracle Bandage Plus, an innovative peel and place solution designed to revolutionize pressure injury (bedsore) prevention strategies.

Don't miss this opportunity to be among the first to experience this game-changing solution. Learn firsthand how this innovative solution can enhance your wound prevention protocols and elevate the level of care you deliver.

Our team will be available to provide detailed information and answer any questions you may have about Miracle Bandage Plus.

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