Revolutionary Product Line that Helps Heal Acne Scars & Stretch Marks Without Surgery

Our revolutionary Natural Marine Extract product line has been reported to stimulate new young fibrocytes, while helping to produce even more collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.


Acne Scars

Janel pregnant with second born

Stretch Marks



66 YO Lip Divot Scar Improvement

I am a 66 year old single appearance conscious man in the entertainment business. Everyone in my circle was using Miracle of the Sea which I refused to use because it sounded too good to be true.  I had a large cancer removed from my upper lip which left me with a shot-gun-wound-like scar. Everywhere I went I was asked about my scar.  I hated it and stopped going to social events. A friend gave me a bottle of MOTS for Yom Kippur and it changed my life! In four months my scar was almost invisible and by using all over my face, I looked twenty years younger.  I now am telling everyone I meet about Miracle of the Sea!

Paul M.

As a Physician ...

I’ve been using Miracle of the Sea for a few months now. It has dramatically improved a lot of my pre-cancers on my face, my lip, my nose, my scalp. Almost had to be cut out but now it’s going away. I had big divots on my lip and they are getting better. As a physician, I think it’s a remarkable product preventing me from getting more skin cancers and having to go through aggressive therapy for it.

Jim Caplan MD

23 YO Acne Scars Face and Back

I am a 28 year old ballet dancer who needed many layers of make up to fill my acne “holes” especially over my cheeks, chin and upper back. After two months of Miracle of the Sea Gel, I started noticing a dramatic improvement and after four months, I no longer need ANY make up at all!

Kristina Q.

47 YO Stretch Marks

~ Katie B. (not my real name)

I am a 47 year old actor who is known for beautiful skin. Very few people know that I have an embarrassing flaw. I developed stretch marks over my lower back and butt when I was 12 to 13 years old and ever since have covered them with clothes or make up. I tried Glycolic Acid Peels, lasers of many types and numerous creams including Retin A with no success. My stylist introduced me to Miracle of the Sea Lotion eight months ago and I noticed a difference in my stretch marks immediately. My stretch marks are now GONE and now I use MOTS all over my sun exposed skin (face, neck, chest and arms.) I have never felt or looked better in my life!

Mohs Surgery Hole Healed

~ Michael T

I am a prominent Beverly Hills lawyer who had Mohs surgery leaving a 2 by 3 ½ “ hole in the middle of my scalp almost down to the bone. It didn't heal for months until a friend introduced me to Miracle of the Sea Lotion. Within 2 ½ months it not only healed, but it lifted up to skin level. My entire forehead and scalp now look 20 years younger.