Miracle of the Sea Products with 2% Natural Marine Extract – Patients Only


Miracle of the Sea Almond Oil, Aloe Vera Gel and Serum products with 2% Natural Marine Extract (NME) have ingredients reported to heal fragile, thin, easily bruised and torn skin, sun damage, acne scars, stretch marks, non-inflammatory rosacea and more.  Please note that the No Essential Oil (Natural Marine Scent) option has been removed from the public website. And the Serum product line has been discontinued on the public website.  This is a special link.

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Miracle of the Sea Almond Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Serum and Lotion with 2% Natural Marine Extract (NME) are all-natural and revolutionary skin products. They have been dermatologist developed and clinically tested in a study of 283 subjects over a four-month period with excellent results.

The Ingredients of Natural Marine Extract Have Been Shown to Stimulate Fibrocytes to Increase Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Elastin Production and:

  • Generate younger, thicker, healthier skin

The ingredients of Natural Marine Extract also:

  • Act as an antioxidant, quelching free and hydroxyl radicals
  • Provide anti-microbial qualities
  • Act as an anti-inflammatory
  • Help prevent and heal skin pre-cancers called actinic keratosis


Increased collagen production strengthens the skin
Increased elastin production makes the skin more elastic
Increased hyaluronic acid makes the skin thicker

Choosing Almond Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Serum or Lotion for Your Miracle of the Sea Topical Application

The Miracle of the Sea Almond Oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Serum and Lotion are all effective delivery vehicles for Natural Marine Extract.

Our all natural Almond Oil is recommended for dry skin.

Aloe Vera Gel can be used for all skin types. Unlike some aloe vera gel products, ours is not watery. Our all natural / organic Aloe Vera Gel very rapidly penetrates and can be used on all demographics. For older or heavily sun damaged skin you will want to massage it in with your favorite moisturizer. Aloe Vera Gel is the product of choice for all superficial wounds.

Serum is recommended for oily skin. Some people with dry skin accidentally order serum because the word “serum” is attractive. Serum is usually recommended for our younger customers for use with acne scars and stretch marks.

Our lotion can also be used for all skin types with the advice for older or heavily sun damaged skin to massage it in with your favorite moisturizer.

You can check supporting ingredients for these products at our “Additional Information” tab.

Choosing Your Essential Oil for Your Miracle of the Sea with Natural Marine Extract Topical Product

Essential oils have the following qualities:
Lemon essential oil helps lighten lentigines (brown spots also known as age or sun spots).
Lavender essential oil is an excellent anti-oxidant – quelching pre-radicals (especially for sun lovers).
Peppermint essential oil dilates capillaries to accentuate the permeability of the blood vessels to allow more stem cell perculation into the desired area (thus increasing rejuvenation)

Practice caution when applying products containing peppermint essential oils near eyes. Keep eyes shut for two minutes after application.

**You can choose some of our Natural Marine Extract delivery vehicles (Aloe Vera Gel, Almond Oil, Serum and Lotion) with no essential oil.
These products will have a Natural Marine Scent:
Our lemon, peppermint and lavender essential oils diminish the natural marine scent. Without an essential oil you are smelling the Natural Marine Extract – the basic and very natural compounds from the ocean. Many people prefer no essential oil because they prefer their products as close to the source as possible and some say it “smells like the real deal”.

Miracle of the Sea Environmentally Friendly Packaging:

Miracle of the Sea Natural Marine Extract in almond oil and serum 15ml, 30ml and 60ml packages are in glass bottles and delivered to you with caps but you are also sent an eyedropper dispenser. It is recommended that you use the cap for travel.

Miracle of the Sea Aloe Vera Gel products come in 48 ml and 15ml glass bottles with a pump dispenser. Each dispenser delivers 2ml per pump. Our lotion products come in a 45ml plastic airless pump package and a 15ml package specially designed for travel with a swivel pop-up dispenser. These also dispense 2ml per pump.

Additional information

Product Type

Aloe Vera Gel, Serum, Almond Oil


48ml, 15ml Travel Size, 30ml Jar, 30ml oil, 45ml, 60ml Jar, 60ml oil

Essential Oil

Ocean Breeze, Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, None **