Healthier Skin Leads to Better Cosmetic Surgery Results

In less than 100 years, the average lifespan in the US has increased from 50 to 82 years of age. This increase in longevity is directly proportional to the improved health of the population. People want to look as young as they feel. As a result, the field of Cosmetic Surgery is booming and all surgeons are competing for patients.

Surgeons will be compared to one another based on improving the total end result (skin quality plus the surgeon’s skill in performing the surgical procedure).

External “Aging” has two major components: 1) skin quality and 2) the amount and distribution of muscle, bone and cartilage. When any cosmetic surgery is done performed, the total end result is attributed to the surgeon. If the patient has young, beautiful and healthy skin, the result is an optimal surgical outcome. However, if the patient has thin, atrophic skin, structural surgical improvement is hampered by the poor quality of the skin. In fact, surgery in such cases can accentuate the poor pre-surgical skin conditions! For the perfect surgical result, the skin quality and structural improvements must go hand in hand.

It is clear that to maximize surgical results, surgeons must maximize skin health and appearance by increasing strength, elasticity and thickness. This includes improved epidermal and dermal thickness; increasing dermal collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid creating more productive and numerous fibrocytes; and improving circulation by establishing new, well-placed capillaries. This not only improves the end result of any surgical procedure, but it also dramatically improves the rate of healing after surgery. This is the new paradigm in cosmetic surgery: combining expert surgery with transformative skin treatment. The ingredients in Miracle of the Sea with Natural Marine Extract do exactly this!