Restore Kelp Forests

Kelp reforestation will be the center of Marine Biology & Environmental Technologies (MBET)'s efforts to reverse global warming. It is also a major aspect of MBET’s Vision: “Healing the World Through the Ocean.” There are two major components to the carbon cycle:

1. Production of CO2
2. Consumption of CO2

Kelp reforestation benefits both.

Kelp reforestation is essential to correct the massive kelp loss and corresponding kelp ecosystems (for instance California has lost about 94%, and Canada 67% of their kelp forests and the corresponding ecosystems).

One-third of all carbon dioxide in the air diffuses into the ocean. Normally, macro-algae, like Kelp, consumes CO2 and produces O2 and consumable vegetation. Without ocean vegetation (macro and micro-algae) photosynthesis, carbon dioxide combines with water to produce carbonic acid, causing decreasing pH (acidification) which dissolves calcium carbonate found in all shellfish and hard coral and negatively impacts all marine life.

Using MBET’s Natural Selective Breeding and Hybridization System™ of indigenous kelp and MBET’s Dynamic Spawning Technique™ of planting, the resulting kelp forests will not only be sustainable but will also naturally expand into its previous habitats.