National Nurses Week Appreciation Special Offer Extended

Medical Professionals are heroes! To show our appreciation and concern for their welfare during the pandemic, and support you in doing the same, our special offer born out of National Nurses Week is now extended to the end of May for all front line Medical Professionals suffering from PPE skin damage

The ingredients of Natural Marine Extract in our Miracle of the Sea products have been shown to help rebuild damaged skin. Many nurses and doctors are currently suffering from damaged skin due to PPE.

Just choose any product that you would like for yourself and then choose any product that you would like us to send as a gift to the medical professional of your choice. Instead of making you jump through hoops proving they qualify, simply give us the address of the medical facility they work in and a few other details listed below and we'll ship it to them there. We will use free USPS Priority Mailing for all orders during this special offer period.

National Nurses Week Miracle of the Sea Ocean and Rainbow

Our Miracle of the Sea products can be used for damaged skin, acne scars, stretch marks, thin and tearing skin as well as receding gums. These conditions all benefit from targeted stimulation of new fibrocytes with tremendous capacity for collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid synthesis.

Miracle of the Sea Gift to a Medical Professional Special Offer Order Details

Select a product for yourself.
Select a product for your gift to a medical professional.
Order the more expensive of the two products to be billed for. This is what you will be charged for.
At check-out, you will use the bill to and separate ship to address forms only for the order for yourself.

For your medical professional, please use the gift message box and give us:
1. The product you want sent to them. (it can be the more expensive or less expensive product)
2. The gift recipient's name
3. The role of the recipient for instance: RN, DON, MD
4. The name of the Medical Facility we will be shipping to your recipient at
5. The mailing address of the Medical Facility
6. The general phone number of the Medical Facility
7. The email address of the gift recipient
8. The message you would like to send to your gift recipient

Selecting Miracle of the Sea Products

We expect that you will want to send most recipients a Miracle of the Sea topical product to repair their skin. But you are free to choose from any product you find on our website including Miracle of the Sea Marine Extract Capsules to boost immunity and Gum Health Paste for receding gums.

For Miracle of the Sea Skin Metamorphosis topicals, this is our advice. We encourage you to choose from the serum and the almond oil for the Natural Marine Extract delivery vehicle. Those two topical products are the fastest to apply. If your recipient is under 35, the serum should work, if they are over 35, the almond oil base will probably be better unless you know they are still getting acne break-outs. For the essential oil choice if the primary use will be their face, we recommend lemon or lavender. The peppermint oil takes some special care applying near the eyes.

Essential oils have the following qualities:
Lemon essential oil helps lighten lentigines (brown spots also known as age or sun spots).
Lavender essential oil is an excellent anti-oxidant – quelching pre-radicals (especially for sun lovers).
Peppermint essential oil dilates capillaries to accentuate the permeability of the blood vessels to allow more stem cell perculation into the desired area (thus increasing rejuvenation)

Miracle of the Sea Marine Species Ingredients and Testimonials

Our video testimonials our customers’ experiences with how Miracle of the Sea helped promote skin rejuvenation after serious skin damage. Check here for a list of Marine Species used in our Marine Extract. Please note that these marine species ingredients have also been shown to boost the immune system.

Thank you so much for supporting our efforts to give back to our our heroes!