Why Do We Get Old and How Can We Slow It?

There are many factors which contribute to aging. The pathogenesis of aging is based on each cell of the body being able to repair itself, through cell division, a certain number of times before the cell’s function deteriorates or “gets old.” This is genetically determined. Each cell has a part of its DNA called a telomere.

The Skin Heals Slower When the Cells "Get Old"

A telomere is located at the end of the DNA strand and each time the cell requires repair, it divides and a small piece of the telomere is cleaved. As the telomere gets shorter, the cell function becomes less effective, and thus further repair, rebuilding and healing becomes increasingly poorer in quality and slower. The cell becomes “old”.

What if We Could Reset the Number of Times a Cell Can Divide?

The ingredients in Natural Marine Extract including cathepsin D, beta-D-xylosidae, Ubiquitin, hemocyanin, glyeraldehyde-D-xylosidase, Calmodulin, Nucleoplasmin, ferritin, Actin 2, ependymin protein 1, collagen proalpha 2(l) chain, pepsin A, Type IV collagen pro-tormer chains, mannuronate lyase, pro alpha1 (l) collagen and guluronate lyase seem to reset the number of times that each cell can divide, thus the metamorphosis back to youth. Watch the video below.


Reduce or Avoid Inflammation to Slow the Skin's Aging Process

Inflammation is the single largest factor to cell damage which requires repair and cell regeneration, thus cell division and more cleavage of that cell’s telomere. Damage from inflammation of the skin caused by sun, wind, dryness, smoking, “rashes,” chemicals, pollutants, and trauma, including cuts, scrapes and bruises.

The first key component of slowing the aging process is to stop and/or avoid inflammation. The second component is to minimize the damage from the inflammation.

MBET's Culture is Rooted in Science and Research in Multiple Disciplines

In 2000, Marine Biology & Environmental Technologies, LLC™ started the research to develop cutaneous and systemic compounds to treat some of the most “untreatable” and “intractable” conditions and diseases in dermatology, oncology and regenerative medicine.

MBET has assembled an incredible team of medical doctors from multiple disciplines, marine biologists, biologists, pharmacists, and pharmaceutical patent lawyer and executives. They researched thousands of substances from completely edible plants and animals of the ocean. These were reported in hundreds of journals to have a healthy benefit.

Using extensive purification, compound combinations / concentrations and cutaneous testing on hundreds of patients / volunteers (no animal testing has ever been done in MBET), a distillation process established 88 compounds. When they are combined is specific concentrations, they provide solutions to many of medicine’s most difficult problems including slowing the aging process. Marine Biology & Environmental Technologies, LLC expects that this is only the start of uncovering the rejuvenating and healing powers of the ocean.